6 Ceiling-Suspended Products For Your Multi-Use Facility

If you’re looking to maximize your gymnasium or field house space, check out these 6 ceiling-suspended products!

Stevens-Point 003_edit1 copy

For Indoor Track and Field: The Ceiling Suspended Throwing Cage

No need to set up unwieldy posts and weighted bases: the ceiling suspended throwing cage raises and lowers with the touch of a button in just minutes!  This throwing cage meets/exceed NCAA and USATF rule and requirements for indoor use.

For Wresting: Mat Movers

Not only does a Mat Mover® free valuable floor space, it eliminates the heavy and dangerous work of lifting the mats by students/coaches.

1900 Series copy

For Volleyball: Ceiling Suspended Volleyball System

No more lugging heavy volleyball standards across your gym and find a place to store them. With the press of a button the entire system – judge’s stand included – seamlessly raises into the ceiling…and out of the way!

Batting Cage1 copy

For Baseball and Golf: Electrically Retractable Batting/Golf Cages

Powered by a high torque winch, these cages raise and lower quickly providing a short turn around between sports, protect bystanders from stray balls, and keep the facility clean and orderly.

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For Basketball: Ceiling Suspended Basketball Backstops

An oldie but a goody – the basketball backstop is easily the most popular ceiling suspended piece of athletic equipment featured in high schools, recreation centers, churches, and colleges across the country.  Often set up in a 6-Pack configuration with a main court and two smaller court options.

For All Sports: The Divider Curtain

You can’t talk about a multi-use facility without mentioning the divider curtain.  Available in a multitude of styles and sizes, curtains divide large spaces into more manageable, semi-private sections so multiple games or activities can be played simultaneously with little interference.