Cut The Cord: 3 Reasons To Upgrade To Wireless Gym Control

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Should you go wireless? Discover 3 reasons to upgrade to wireless gym control.

The latest enhancement in the gymnasium equipment industry is the introduction of wireless control systems. Previous control systems required users to be anchored to the wall pushing a button or turning a key; the issue is this limits the overall gym visibility.  While the price may be a little steep compared to a key switch or push-button system, here are three reasons to upgrade to wireless gym control:

  1.  SAFETY – With a wireless gym control system, users are free to walk throughout the gymnasium or field house and watch for potential safety hazards.  Young children especially do not realize the dangers of a rolling curtain or descending batting cage – keep a safe watch from the location you feel is best.
  2. TIME – Gyms are busier than ever! No one wants to wait around while the equipment is set up or taken down – a process that can take upwards of 15-20 minutes.  Preset court settings and simultaneous up-and-down movement capabilities speed up gymnasium turnover to a fraction of the time.
  3. USER FRIENDLY – Anyone can be quickly trained to use a graphic interface on a tablet or computer – no key or code system needed. Users can create preset courts for volleyball or basketball practice, rec leagues, or nothing at all and control it all from anywhere in the gym with the touch of a screen on an iPad or even a phone.  An intuitive interface is customized to your gym or facility and visual cues let you know what’s moving.

So, should you upgrade to wireless?  If you want the highest level of safety, the most efficient equipment turnover, and an extremely easy user interface, then wireless might be right for you.