Eastview Church: A Design On Trend

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Eastview Church: A Design On Trend

As parishioners’ worship styles have evolved over time, and so have the buildings that house them.  To many, churches have become multi-purpose facilities for schools, cafes, food distribution centers, concert halls, and yes – gymnasiums. These gyms host recreation leagues, open gym time, sports practices and offer a flexible space for many other activities which keep the church bustling all seven days of the week.

Typifying this design trend is Eastview Church of Bloomington, IL.  The new gymnasium addition, finished in late 2014, features twelve overhead folding basketball backstops, three dividing curtains, wall padding for safety, and 6 sets of floor sleeves for volleyball.  This nearly 20,000 square foot multi-use space is accented with scriptural wall graphics and the colored acoustical wall panels bringing color – and context to the space. Church website…

Dealer: Haldeman-Homme, Inc

Architect: BLDD Architects


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