Equipment Trend: Rope Climbing

Choose a rope track for safety and easy storage.

Many adults remember their turn to climb the PE gym class rope.  Though its favor has waned in the last few years, this tradition is seeing a resurgence in popularity.   Interest in CrossFit style workouts and obstacle course training has people once again looking forward to their turn to ascend the rope.   School administrators now must figure out how to set up and store these ropes quickly and safely; a great option is a rope track storage system.

A rope track storage system allows users to store multiple ropes all in a compact area and then quickly use a pulley mechanism (similar to curtain shades) to move your climbing ropes from against the wall to an ideal 8’-0” spacing – ready to climb in just seconds!  This solution allows teachers to safely set up without the need to grab ladders or climb bleachers in order to access their climbing ropes.  The compact storage allows facilities to get the most out of their space.  An optional rope lock can then be added to secure the ropes to the wall behind a padlock limiting access to those authorized.

Rope track systems are not only suitable for school gymnasiums, but also a great fit for fitness gyms.  Allowing quick storage and set-up to let customers add this activity to their workout without a dedicated space.  Rope track systems are custom engineered to fit your facility – taking into account a variety of ceiling heights and attachment options.  Consider this great storage option if you are adding rope climbing to your facility.

Rope Storage System

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