Crack That 6-Pack!

The “6-Pack” Gym

The 6-pack gym is a basic, yet complete gymnasium court configuration which generally features one main court (flooring, striping, and bleachers oriented to maximize this court) and two side (practice) courts.  A divider curtain typically separates the two side courts to maximize game play.  For volleyball, floor sleeves are installed on the main court and on the side courts if budget allows – an upgraded option would be an overhead (ceiling-suspended) volleyball system like the Powr-Net volleyball system.


Court configuration commonly used for: Elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools

Typical Court Square Footage: 5,000ft2 – 15,000 ft2

Typical Athletic Equipment: 6 basketball backstops, 1 divider curtain, volleyball floor sleeves, wall pads, other ancillary equipment.

Design Consideration: Don’t forget about overhead clearance for your courts!  Reference common clearance requirements here.   Consider the overhead clearance space lost when athletic equipment folds to the ceiling.

Economical Approach: For smaller gyms, explore whether stationary ceiling suspended backstops or wall-mounted backstops are a possibility. Consider whether telescopic bleachers or wall conditions will allow wall-mounted backstops to be used. 

Maximize Your Space: Select a multi-control touch pad system to eliminate setup time. Consider electric goal height adjusters to adjust for youth play.

Wondering how big your court should be?  Check out this helpful guide:

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