Gymnasium Safety: Padded Doors

When planning or designing a new gymnasium, there are a multitude of details to consider.  Door-to-court location can pose safety problems and padding challenges.

With an abundance of athletic equipment, storage closets are commonly connected to gymnasium spaces- as they should be- but location can be a challenge.  In this post, we present a case example where a storage closet was not well located, as the closet doors were placed directly behind the main court basketball hoop (image below).

After the gymnasium was complete, it was determined that the space directly behind the basketball hoop should be consistently padded for safety.  The issue, however, was that the thickness of the wall pads prevented the door from hinging open unless a gap was left between the pads.  As a result, the installation details were less than ideal for player safety (with such a large gap a hand or head could easily make contact with the wall). Architects – keep this safety concern in mind when placing storage closets in your gymnasium design!

Wall pad on doors 2

Below, we’ve provided a few other wall pad installation details for door applications.  Many times, these custom pads are cut and finished in the field (during installation) to achieve precise detailing.

Wall Pad Door 5

Above:  A 5-Pad configuration for a door with a window. The door is padded nearly top-to-bottom.

Below: A 2-Pad configuration; notice the pad is located above the kick plate on the door.  This is also a great photo to show field cut-outs for electrical and fire safety wall features.

Wall Pad door 3

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