Porter Equipment: Divider Curtains/Basketball Hoops

Crack That Double 6-Pack

The Double 6-pack (also know as a Quad) gym is a comprehensive gymnasium configuration which typically accommodates 6 court layouts and 3 large divider curtains.  With all the curtains lowered, the gymnasium is divided into 4 main sections (Get it? “Quad”) each with enough space for a basketball or volleyball game. With portable spectator seating, the gym can also be divided into two large main courts – just lower a single curtain.

This modular set up allows maximum flexibility for league or recreation planning and can be easily adapted to meet an array of athletic events.

Court configuration commonly used for: Public and private recreational centers and venues.

Typical Court Square Footage: 13,000 ft2 – 20,000 ft2

Typical Athletic Equipment: 12 ceiling suspended backstops, 3 divider curtains, wall padding, tip and roll bleachers, multi control systems, ancillary equipment.

Design Consideration: Incorporate two full sized basketball courts into the space, with four smaller recreational basketball cross courts for youth levels of play. Smaller recreational basketball courts are commonly 70′-76′ in length.

Suspended walking/running tracks commonly border the edges of these court spaces. Make sure to select a ceiling suspended backstop style that will not interfere with the suspended track, nor lure adolescents to reach over the balcony rails.

Mounting backstops directly to a suspended running track is generally discouraged, as the rigidity of the track structure can be problematic.  Runners on the track create vibrational forces, which can easily transfer to the basketball backstop.

Backstop_folded_suspended track

(Above) A side-folding ceiling suspended backstop is used here to avoid conflict with the suspended running track. 

Economical Approach: Consider products that will help cut long-term operational costs: A multi-control system can drastically reduce court turnover time (and need for additional staffing) over the long term.

Maximize Your Space: This court configuration is one of the more efficient for programming youth and adult sports activities.  These courts need to be compatible and reconfigurable for many activities.  In addition to basketball and volleyball, plan to accommodate other court sport activities in these spaces.  Badminton and pickleball are becoming more popular at many recreational centers.  These sports may require additional floor sleeves, floor anchors and court striping- depending on user preferences.    


This article is part 2 of a series on gym configurations, see part 1 here.

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