5 Reasons To Work With A Local Dealer

There are hundreds of product choices in the market today and many companies offer what may seem like a cost-efficient method of purchasing directly from the manufacturer; BUT here are 5 reasons it’s best to work with your local dealer/distributor for athletic equipment:


  1. Safety:

    Athletic equipment offers product lines such as ceiling-suspended basketball backstops, gymnasium divider curtains, batting cages, glass basketball backboards, etc., all involving complex installation of heavy-gauge steel and components being suspended above your players, spectators, staff, and/or students your facility’s roof structure. The most important aspect of sport and play should be the safety and wellbeing of those participating. Local, authorized dealers/distributors are licensed, experienced, and trained to know all safety and liability concerns when it comes to the installation and operation of your athletic equipment, and can be sure to always hold safety as a high priority.

  1. Product Expertise:

    With so many choices from the structure all the way down to the basketball goal net or volleyball standard, there can be a multitude of choices. A local dealer/distributor can help with product selections best suited for your facility use. They can also ensure all the necessary parts, options, and installation are included giving you a turn-key purchase.

  1. Service:

    While quality-made athletic equipment is built to last decades, occasionally parts or components need service due to wear and tear. Having that loyal relationship with your local, authorized dealer/distributor will allow you to have confidence that your athletic equipment will be serviced in a timely manner for that next game or event.

  1. Maintenance:

Ongoing maintenance and inspection of your athletic equipment is essential in order to keep your athletic equipment operating safely and smoothly for many years to come. An authorized dealer/distributor is educated in all the checkpoints for inspecting the critical parts around your facility and can address any safety concerns or necessary replacement parts.

  1. One-Stop-Shop:

Your local dealer/distributor can more than likely assist you with more than just athletic equipment. Many authorized athletic equipment dealers also represent other high-quality products that are used in an athletic facility or gymnasium. For instance, it is not uncommon for them to also sell and service athletic seating or bleachers, scoreboards, flooring, and/or lockers. With that dealer/distributor, you have a one-stop-shop for all your athletic facility needs.