Glass Backboard Mounting Guide

Used in all levels of competition, glass backboards are a staple in the basketball industry. The professional level performance, rigid design, and clean aesthetics have led to a steady rise in glass backboard popularity. Whether updating and upgrading your existing facility, adding glass backboards is one of the simplest ways to improve your gym. While it may seem confusing to select the right glass backboard for a gym, the key is understanding which mounting pattern is needed.

Most glass standard backboards are 72” x 42” and attached to support structure in one of three different ways: 3-point mounting, 4-corners mounting, and fan shaped mounting.


  • 3- Point Mounting: Using three points of contact, brackets attach to the top right and left hand corner of the board and again directly behind the rim in the middle of the board. This method creates the most ‘clean’ look as well as excellent support. These are typically designed with single ceiling drop and portable systems.


  • 4-Corner Mounting: A more traditional approach, this style uses 4 points of contacts via brackets in each corner of the backboard. This board is very common and also often comes in 72”x48” which is very popular in older gyms. These are often used in many wall mounted and double drop systems.


  • Fan Shaped Mounting: This method will look similar to the four corner but the brackets can be seen in through the glass backboard (smaller mount spacing to adapt to the old fan shaped mounting points). Because of the large quantity of facilities with fan shaped backboards, this is one of the most popular upgrade selections. These are often featured in ceiling and wall mounted systems.

Before upgrading or purchasing a new glass backboard, be sure to confirm which mounting style will fit your system.  To check, simply measure the distance center-to-center of your mounting points and compare to specification sheets of your desired board or call the manufacturer for help (be ready with the measurements).

A final important note: It is imperative that the basketball rim mounts directly through the backboard to the supports (instead of to the glass backboard) to avoid breaking the glass. It is also strongly advised that every backboard is padded to protect athletes from injury.

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