3 Benefits of Early Manufacturer Project Involvement

During the intense process of coordinating a new athletic facility, there are a vast multitude of considerations for the project team.  Ceiling suspended gymnasium equipment is no exception; but there’s no need to tackle this challenge on your own.  By choosing and involving your preferred equipment vendor early, you’ll tap into a wealth of industry expertise that can make your project run smoothly.  Take a look at these three advantages:


  • Accurate Project Scope

No matter what the building, chances are an experienced equipment manufacturer has handled a project similar to yours.  By communicating your needs and wish list early in the design process, the manufacturer can tap that industry expertise to help you choose the right equipment for your needs and make suggestions to optimize your time, space, and resources.  Increasing this communication can also aid in the coordination of ceiling suspended athletic equipment in relation to HVAC, fire suppression, lighting, etc. to avoid potential design pitfalls. Finally, by addressing equipment lead times and project dates, the manufacturer can help ensure the project is completed on schedule.


  • Accurate Pricing

Did you know truss direction in relation to the court can play a key role in determining cost?  What about ceiling height or the necessity of structural cradles?  A trusted manufacturer can review early design plans and provide money saving tips.  A qualified manufacturer can also review your architectural plans and provide more accurate pricing projections based on real-time information while there’s still time to value engineer a money-saving solution.

  • Improved Design

Discussing your project during the design phase can not only improve product scope and pricing, but also and most obviously – the end result; your fantastic new athletic facility.  By discussing your project requirements in the beginning, the manufacturer can help your project team understand the types of folding backstops and curtains, address unique facility needs and multi-sport solutions.  The designers on staff can also evaluate to maximize your facility space and address any potential safety concerns.

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