5 Must-Haves For Campus Rec

Colleges, large and small, public and private, are looking to attract and compete for prospective students with more amenities, higher education intramural sports programs and recreation centers.  Rec. centers are increasingly stepping up their game by providing students with better access to state-of the-art facilities, equipment, and services.  To handle a robust demand for student recreation activities, campus rec facilities these days need to have the latest technology and equipment trends to help drive more volume of play during the school year. Here are some ways to increase the volume of student play, while decreasing the need for extra staff and operating costs:

Ceiling suspended volleyball:

An increasing number of high-volume facilities are opting for volleyball standards that raise and lower from the ceiling. Ceiling suspended systems require little time from staff to raise and lower (much like a basketball backstop system) and allows simultaneous court change over for multiple courts. It’s a one-step operation with an electronic control system versus the timely, multiple set up for a traditional system.  Also, since a ceiling suspended system has no standard extending to the floor below the net, a diving player has a clear space near the net, whereas a typical floor sleeve standard can be a hazard.

Side-folding basketball backstops:

Side-folding basketball backstops allow the layout of your multi-court facility to have regulation basketball courts and hoops, while giving added ceiling space and clearance needed for volleyball games by folding sideways into the ceiling instead forward out over the court space.

Power retractable LCD scoreboards:

A unique structural design emerging for multi-court facilities involves the placement of programmable LCD monitors that integrate with the facility’s scoring software. Much like basketball backstop structures that raise and lower into the ceiling with a winch motor, these LCD scoreboard monitors are miniature structures similar in look and operation. When not in use, they can be raised into the ceiling with all the other ceiling-attached athletic equipment.

Perimeter Netting:

The use of perimeter court or track netting allows a facility to raise and lower a fully-retractable netting from the ceiling to section off interior court play from a perimeter running or walking track or even fitness areas. This provides safe multi-sport play while allowing facility staff members to have clear-view sight of the entire facility to monitor all activities. Perimeter netting can be designed to fit radius tracks and even fit tightly up in the ceiling support structure.

Wireless Control Systems:

Wireless control systems provides a screen control operation of retractable athletic equipment.  For example, only the Powr-Touch 5.0 provides completely wireless control, operating on a local intranet zone. These systems put control directly in the operator’s hands, with the opportunity to manage an unlimited number of devices.  Users can operate from virtually any electronic device with wireless network capabilities. This means improved efficiency and unprecedented functionality in the management of your facility.

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