Waubonsee Community College Field House: Ready for Future Growth

Sugar Grove campus makes the commitment to help students and athletes succeed

With a district population expected to grow 20% in the next 15 years, both vision and planning are proving key to the current and future success of Waubonsee Community College.  In fact, the need to support a growing campus enrollment was first realized and acted upon more than a decade ago when the college initiated its 2020 Campus Master Plan.  The final phase of that plan, the Sugar Grove campus field house, recently hosted its first graduation ceremony this spring.  Such an event in such a space has highlighted the versatility of the building, and it represents just how valuable the addition of expanded indoor recreation spaces can be for any college campus.

Since opening to students just over a year ago, the field house has been actively supporting the student population and athletics programs.  Here, we highlight some of the athletic equipment that makes the Waubonsee Community College field house a multi-faceted space for all students and athletes.

3 Courts- Endless Sports

The field house features three indoor courts, two with traditional flooring and one with athletic turf.  This allows the campus to support practice and training for multiple sport programs simultaneously, along with physical education courses and wellness instruction too.  Each court is separated by an electrically operated divider curtain, which conveniently folds down from the ceiling to break the field house into 3 individual sections.   Basketball backstops are set up for two full courts, with additional hoops available for practice and rec play.  Three overhead operated batting cages and turf flooring support activities such as baseball and softball, while the turf also provides room for indoor soccer action.


Electrically operated divider curtains separate each court space of the facility- allowing for multiple sport groups to practice at once.

Volleyball equipment, tennis equipment, equipment storage carts and aluminum tip-and-roll bleachers all add to the versatility of the space.

Walk or Run with Ease

The indoor courts in the facility are encompassed by a suspended running track.  With so much action taking place down on the courts, it was important to provide users of the running track an elevated space where they could be protected from baseballs, basketballs, and other sport objects that might be flying around on any given day.  To compliment the elevated track solution, a series of custom netting curtains were supplied to protect the runners and walkers. The net curtains may be pulled back on a track system to provide viewers above with clearer sight lines to the courts when necessary.  An additional net divider on a track system was provided at the lower level to secure the main entry area.


A custom walk-drawn system of net curtains protect joggers from any object below that may have gone astray. 

Something for Everyone

With space and equipment setups for so many activities, it’s hard to find a sport that can’t be enjoyed in the field house.  Speaking of setup, even those who run the facility have a setup to make life easier.  All the building’s operable athletic equipment devices are run by a single touch pad control system- with the capability to operate multiple equipment devices at once.

The field house at Waubonsee Community College’s Sugar Grove campus provides endless opportunity for its students.  The building’s comprehensive set of coordinated athletic equipment items will serve the college well for years to come.  Enjoy some additional images of the facility below:


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