Facility Feature: West Chicago ARC Center

The 70,000 square foot West Chicago ARC Center, nearing its 2 year anniversary since the grand-opening ceremony, is looking fit and ready for users this fall. A variety of indoor park district programs and activities are currently planned for the facility in the upcoming months. And, with cooler fall weather coming soon to the Midwest, we thought we’d reflect on how this gymnasium’s design and equipment setup continue to provide opportunities for a variety of sport programs and other events.

The Floor Plan makes the Game Plan
The gymnasium at the ARC Center serves as one of the primary spaces in the facility. The gymnasium features 3 full-sized basketball courts with retractable ceiling-suspended hoops. Several other ceiling suspended hoops can be lowered to create youth-sized courts or shooting stations for a variety of youth basketball programs. Full court volleyball play is also easily accommodated on each primary basketball court.

West Chicago Park district.jpg

3 full-sized basketball courts (running page left to right) support competition-level basketball.

Electrically operated divider curtains separate each primary court space, creating partitions that allow for multiple programming opportunities in the gym. Additional  events and tournaments for sports such as pickleball and dodgeball can easily take place by partitioning the gym.


Partitioning divider curtains make it easy for the facility to host multiple sports or programs at once, bringing a wider group of users through the facility’s doors.  

Flashy Finishes Make the Space
Wall and column protective pads complete the fringes of the gym space, along with an elevated running track that allows facility users to enjoy views of the gym activities from above. The basketball backstops closest to the running track were custom-designed to avoid interference with the track, while still providing optimal room over the courts for other sports such as volleyball.


Each ceiling suspended basketball backstop was custom-designed to work within the facility space, while column protective pads were finished in field for a perfect fit.

A pre-engineered building frame structure was selected for the gymnasium space during building design. By using an economical building structure, the project realized overall cost savings that also allowed for investment in other important building design features. Custom support steel members were coordinated with the basketball equipment manufacturer and installed by the building contractors to suspend the ceiling-mounted equipment. Additional custom support structure was then provided by the equipment manufacturer to complete the project. A metallic silver gloss powder coat was selected and provided standard by the equipment manufacturer to finish the basketball hoop supports. Royal blue vinyl fabrics were selected for the wall padding and divider curtains, completing the color scheme in the gymnasium.


The silver metallic powder coat finish shines on the equipment and will mask the appearance of any dust that may build up over time.

When it comes to indoor recreation spaces, this facility’s robust program offerings are hard to ignore.  To get more glimpses of the ARC Center gymnasium, view the slide show below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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